Permit In Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park, the oldest tiger reserve forest in India, is a highly popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Thousands of people from all over the world used to visit here to have a tryst with one of the most ruthless predators of the wild forest, the Bengal Tiger. Being a reserved natural habitat for plenty of wild animals, all the tourism activity in the forest is managed by the forest department of the Govt. of Uttarakhand state.
In order to make an entry inside the reserve park, you need to obtain the entry permit from the concern authority. Without the entry permit, you will not be allowed inside the park in any condition. There are two types of tourism services provided by the forest department at the Corbett. One is Day Safari and other is an Accommodation at FRH. The day safari permit can be obtained at the entry gate of the respective zone while the permit for night halt at different forest rest houses located inside the forest is issued at the reception office of the Corbett reserve park in the Ramnagar city. Also, the day safari or accommodation at FRH can also be booked online in advance. Once you obtain the permit, neither it is transferable nor refundable.

Day Visit Permit in Dhikala zone

Canter Safari

The jeep safari is an excellent option to explore the wildlife in its natural habitat inside the Corbett tiger reserve in a day. Every eco-tourism zone of the park allows the jeep safari except the Dhikala zone. In the Dhikala zone, jeep safari is available only for the tourists who have prior booking for the night stay in the Dhikala forest rest house. However, the Canter safari is made available in this zone for the day visit tourists and is the only option to explore the Dhikala zone if you don't have the booking for the forest house. Canter Safari is actually a bus safari with 16 seats in it and operated by the forest authority only in the Dhikala zone. Always book your seat in canter safari in advance to make sure you will get the seat on the bus when you visit the Corbett Tiger reserve.

Permits for Elephant Safari

Exploring the wilderness of the Corbett forest riding on the elephant's back could be a thrilling experience, especially to the children. Elephant ride is available only in Dhikala and Bijrani zones. However, elephant ride in Dhikala zone is available only for the tourists staying at the forest rest house, but in the Bijrani zone, day visitors can enjoy the elephant ride after paying for it at the camp. There are very limited numbers of elephant used for the safari and it is available on the first-come-first-served basis. Four persons are allowed at a time to sit on an elephant and children up to 5 years of age are complimentary with the adults. There is no elephant safari organized on Monday as it is the rest day for the elephants.

Permits for Accommodation at Forest Rest Houses

Jim Corbett National Park is among few national parks in India that allows night halts in the heart of the forest. For the night halts in forest, park administration provides three tourist complexes located at Dhikala, Gairal and Bijrani with the choices of accommodation types. Dhikala forest lodge has the maximum bed capacity including the two dormitories. Dhikala is the premium zone and a most sought after destination by the wildlife lovers. Basic dining & lodging facility is available for tourists at other Forest Rest Houses at Sultan, Malani, Gairal, Khinanauli, Sarpduli, Kanda and Jhirna. Tourists can make the booking minimum for one night and a maximum of three nights only. Some of the other available options where visitors can stay at the Forest Rest Houses are Lohachaur, Rathuadhab, Halduparao, Mundiapani, Morghatti, Sendhikhal and Dhela.