Corbett Forest Lodge Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park exhibits the perfect mix of lush green forest and wildest wildlife. Ever since its establishment, this national park has been a major hub for wildlife lovers, photographers and wanderers. Every year, lots of tourists from around the world visit the park to experience real fun and adventure. Keeping this in mind, the tourism department has divided the park into five different zones i.e. Dhikala, Domunda, Sonanadi, Bijrani and Jhirna to make things easier for all wildlife travelers visiting the park.
Each zone of the park has a number of well-equipped boarding and lodging facilities and other basic amenities for the convenience and comfort of the tourists. Over the past few years, many developmental works have been carried out in the park to preserve its wildlife and also to ensure that visitors can have a wonderful time. As a result, a large number of tourists visit this park every year to spend some quality time right in the lap of the nature and to experience the thrilling wildlife adventure.

Dhikala Forest Lodge:

The night stay in the forest house in the Dhikala zone is like a dream adventure for any wildlife lovers. There are 4 forest rest houses situated in this zone, which are Dhikala FRH, Gairal FRH, Sarpduli FRH and Sultan FRH. Among all the four rest houses, the Dhikala FRH is the most sought after rest house due to its strategic location and enhanced facilities. Dhikala forest rest house is the biggest rest house with having around 28 double-bed rooms and a dormitory of 12 beds in various accommodation wings. Dhikala FRH is the only forest rest house in the Corbett NP which has the facility of 24-hour electricity in the rooms.

Sultan Rest House:

Named after Sultan, a seasonal stream flowing through this area, the Sultan forest lodge is the oldest forest lodge of Corbett. Located inside the park, it is 10 km from Dhangari gate. While driving from Dhangarhi to Dhikala, Sultan is the first forest rest house that comes on the way. It is nestled in the dense forest area and offers good accommodation to the tourists./p>

Gairal Rest House:

Situated on the bank of River Ramganga close to the first entrance gate of the national park, Gairal forest lodge is easily accessible through Dhanghari-Dhikala road. It is the most preferred lodge among the visitors because of its stunning location, which allows travelers to view the exotic flora and fauna that exist in the park. Surrounded by beautiful hills, Gairal offers a peaceful ambience and wonderful opportunity to the guests to capture some memorable moments at the national park.

Khinnanauli Rest House:

Lying in the middle of Khinnanaulichaur, Khinnanauli forest lodge is one of most recently built restorative homes in Corbett and is equipped with all the basic amenities. It is a perfect accommodation option for all those who are interested in watching tigers as this lodge is well acknowledged as a tiger territory. The strategic location of the Khinnanauli lodge offers an easy get away to the different parts of the park.

Malani Rest House:

It is a forest rest house located 12 kms away from the North West of Bijarani. This comfy rest house is on the central zone of Corbett and offers breathtaking vistas. Located on the edge of the core zone of the park, guests staying in the rest house can easily spot Royal Bengal tiger, black bear, sloth bear, deer, wild cat, leopard, etc. in the park.

Jhirna Rest House:

It is a forest rest house in the interiors of the park’s southern limit. Located on Ramnagar- Kalagarh road, Jhirna lodge lies in the east-west side of Corbett. Until 1994, this forest lodge was an agriculture village. In 1994, it came under the circumference of project tiger area. Dense growth of bamboo covers the hills in the northern side of Jhirna. One can also spot a number of exotic wildlife from this lodge.